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Since 1914, the experienced attorneys at Schaller, Campbell and Untied in Newark, Ohio, have provided Licking County residents and businesses legal advice and representation in Municipal, Common Pleas, and Appellate Courts. Our attorneys focus on Business, Civil Litigation, Contracts, Domestic Relations, Personal Injury, Probate and Estates, and Employment Issues.

Our attorneys strive to insure that our clients understand their legal rights and obligations and the consequences of any decision. If you have taken the time to visit our office, you deserve to leave our office with a clear understanding of the recommendations and advice we have given you.

Our attorneys are available to meet in person, by phone and can always be reached by email. Many of our clients prefer to exchange correspondence by email; others would much rather meet with us face to face. In either case, our attorneys set aside time to discuss your situation and address your questions.

We encourage questions; legal representation is an important investment and can be complex and complicated. On occasion we may take extra time to explain what we view as a particularly complex issue until we are convinced that you truly understand. We know that you may be hearing legal terms and rules that are very foreign to you and, while we will do our best to explain those terms, occasionally you may still have questions. Please do not hesitate to ask for another explanation; if you do not understand our explanation, you are not receiving the full benefit of our advice.

Lawsuits can be confusing, frustrating, and extremely stressful. We make every effort to provide you an overview of the procedures. You should know what a trial may cost, how to behave at a deposition and how long it may take before your case is resolved. While no one can make guarantees, we can provide accurate estimates based upon the facts available that will allow you to decide what option to follow.


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