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Columbus attorney offers tips for finding a good criminal defense lawyer
COLUMBUS, Ohio – There are many things in life you can prepare for. Chances are you already have a good mechanic lined up should your car break down. You may have your insurance provider’s phone number in your contact list in case of emergency. You know which doctor to go to when a member of your family falls ill.
What most people don’t have, however, is the name of a good defense attorney they can trust. However, if you or someone you love suddenly gets in trouble with the law, you’re going to need a good criminal defense attorney. During this stressful time, it helps to have someone already properly vetted.
Brian Joslyn founded the Joslyn Law Firm in Columbus in 2011. His passion for a career in law began while he was still in college and found himself the victim of police brutality. It occurred when he attended a private party. Police, intending to keep order, sprayed tear gas and Joslyn was hit in the head by a tear gas canister. He fell to the ground dazed and nearly unconscious. Frightened, he remained on the ground and like everyone else who didn’t flee, was promptly arrested.  
However, his story didn’t end there. Lying on the ground, he was beaten by police, and treated without respect. He was taken to the hospital where the situation went from bad to worse. He was interrogated for hours, called names and released. However, his troubles were far from over. Joslyn was formally charged and left to fight where he was eventually acquitted of all charges.
Joslyn knows what it feels like to be defenseless and he vowed never to leave people feeling that same way. Today, his spends most of his waking hours defending clients accused of crimes. If you or someone you know needs a good defense lawyer, here are some tips to help you find the right match for your family:

  • Start with word of mouth recommendations. Ask family and friends who have dealt with the court system for their advice or friends who are attorneys for recommendations
  • Research your options online. Good firms should have updated websites and information about each of their attorneys. Skip straight to the reviews and see what they say. Then, check out their list of accomplishments and awards as most attorneys have them proudly displayed online.
  • Ask questions. How long have they been practicing? How many court cases have they handled? What are some of their main philosophies?
  • Meet in person to see how your personalities mesh. Is the attorney courteous or condescending? Does he seem to care about you and your case or your checkbook more?
Joslyn Law Firm offers criminal defense representation a number of charges, including drug crimes, traffic violations, juvenile charges, theft, white collar crime, domestic violence, OVI/DUI offenses, bench warrants, probation violations and more. For more information about Joslyn Law Firm, call (614) 444-1900, visit or stop by the firm’s office at 501 S High St Columbus, OH 43215.


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